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Week 2 in Singapore

Right. So my initial plan to write every alternate day has failed terribly. It’s turning out to be a weekly update instead -_- My days are usually packed with appointments (to the point where I only have 4 hours of sleep or less on…

28 November 2014

Wedding gatecrashing!

In Singapore, we have a tradition of having a “gatecrash” on the wedding day. Unlike the western meaning, what our “gatecrashing” mean is that the groom will be stopped before the bride’s door by the bridesmaids (or 姐妹 jie mei in Chinese aka JM).…

21 November 2014

First week back in Singapore

One week has passed since I left Japan! I meant to be more diligent about documenting my time back in Singapore on this blog, but you know how that went… heh. So let me quickly blog down what the days before I forget! 12…

18 November 2014


No, really. I didn’t drop off the face of earth. I’ve just been insanely busy with my best friend’s wedding – preparations, hen party, and of course the actual day itself which started for me at 7am and lasted till 2am. The wedding was…

17 November 2014