Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 February 2014


This is madness. Why is Tokyo snowing so much this year?!! In the past, when it “snowed”, I thought it was just a really dusty, polluted night. Now snow actually PILES UP. :O

But well, I’m not complaining (even if it sounds like it). Just really surprised.

Teehee, good that it’s snowing today! It’s V-day after all!
Valentine’s Day in Japan is different than that in Singapore. You can read my entry about it here.

In line with the Japanese tradition, I bought Fu these super adorbs chocolates!


The yellow and blue blocks are chocolates, and real nanoblocks are also included! The design I got is a yacht, as our wedding was nautical-themed ;D

We don’t have any plans to celebrate later, but when Fu comes back, maybe we can cuddle on the couch with a hot cuppa chocolate, chat about nothing at all and maybe watch a rom com!

Being able to spend time together happily is more than enough for me! ^_^

Although we don’t really celebrate it by going out, I thought it would be interesting to think about where people would go or things they  if there were in Tokyo.

I created a list of 10 things to do for couples in Tokyo! (no, no Love Hotel entry -_-;;)


Visit Travel Cafe to read the full entry! You can also click on pictures to find out more about each place :)

It’s a mix of both popular spots and less-common places. Helicopter sightseeing, anyone?

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