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Holiday Announcement

The sister is on her annual pilgrimage to Japan and as you may already have noticed, posts are, and will continue to be delayed partly due to holiday festivities, but more due to me playing host, translator, navigator, tour guide, sister, and mother to her. Some…

18 December 2015
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Beauty blog

My interest in beauty-related things has been growing lately, so I have decided to carve out a separate space for them, and they are now housed on this sub-blog. I have been/will be transplanting some old posts over, but I will most likely leave the Hada…

1 August 2015
Personal Site updates

Interruption of schedule

This is a public announcement regarding the interruption in the posting schedule of (A) Due to hosting duties pertaining to visiting relatives, posting is next to impossible as author is out from morning till night. On the upside, more content for posts with visits to…

20 June 2015
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New look!

Decided to change the layout of the blog because I wanted something simple and with a cleaner feel. My favorite color in recent days is mint, so I incorporated that in the new layout as well :D How do you like it? I love it! Apart…

12 May 2015
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No Friday Five today because my internet has been down since yesterday!!! D: I’m handicapped without internet! Almost all my work requires the use of internet! Well I suppose this might be some greater force telling me to get off the net and go do…

6 March 2015
Personal Site updates

triplerin = travel blog?

I feel like this blog is becoming a travel blog! When I’m not on travels, I’m writing about it, or doing research for upcoming/potential travels. Take for example yesterday; I spent the entire day researching the best hotel to stay in to see the…

10 September 2014
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New layout!

Notice something different? Heh, I was getting tired of the old layout and decided to switch things up with this new one! It’s loosely nautical-themed. I’ve had a thing for nautical themes ever since my wedding party was done in nautical style! Or perhaps…

12 August 2014