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Han River – Cycling and Chimek

I wanted to visit the Han River, and thought, “What best to do there than to live out a Rooftop Prince scene…” CYCLING!!! I somehow have the impression that dating-cycling is a thing in K-dramas, although Rooftop Prince is the only one I can…

14 April 2014
Everyday Adventures

Games, bowling, drama and dance

Time really flies! It felt like I just wrote about the events of a weekend, and here I am, writing about another weekend already! Like the weekend before, last weekend was a fulfilling weekend too! On Friday, we went over to Sou & Claire’s…

20 March 2014
Anime / Drama

The Heirs – Most good-looking Korean drama in 2013

(No storyline spoilers in this post. but if you consider pictures of characters spoilers, then you should probably stay away.) If you watch K-dramas occasionally, then you might be acquainted with this show. The Heirs has a star-studded cast, with many idols from popular…

11 January 2014
Anime / Drama


One of the things Fu & I do often is watch drama shows! The current one is a Korean drama, Sunkyunkwan Scandal (성균관 스캔들). It’s not a new drama (2010), but I found it on my HDD (thanks YY!) and we decided to watch it even…

12 September 2013