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Where to Stay in Nagoya: Capsule Hotel

What do you think of when you hear “capsule hotel”? For me, things like “coffin-like”, “claustrophobic”, “hole in the wall” and “unsafe” spring to mind. (surely I’m not the only one…?) That said, I’ve still always wanted to try staying in one for the experience, hehe.…

17 April 2015

Where to Shop in Nagoya: Osu Shopping District

When talking about where to shop in Nagoya, almost everyone will point you to the famous Osu Shopping District! Osu Shopping District has a long history, existing from 400 years ago! It’s also very large, having more than 1,200 businesses! We casually explored the place,…

15 April 2015

What to Eat in Nagoya: Hitsumabushi

One thing I try to do when visiting each prefecture is to try their 名物 meibutsu (local specialities). In Nagoya, one of these local specialities is  ひつまぶし Hitsumabushi (broiled eel)! Ugh, I feel so hungry now looking at this photo! >_< We headed to a pretty famous…

12 April 2015

Nagoya Castle 名古屋城

Nagoya Castle is listed as one of the Three Great Castles of Japan and I wanted to see if for myself. And well, it is the most famous thing in Nagoya, so it won’t do to miss it! <– spoken like a true tourist…

11 April 2015
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Nagoya Itinerary

As part of the recent birthday trip to Kansai, we stopped by Nagoya and spent a day there. It was my first time there and I was quite excited about visiting! Fun fact: Aichi prefecture (which Nagoya is in) used to be called Owari, which is…

10 April 2015