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Attending a Tea Ceremony in Kyoto

It was my sister’s first trip to Kyoto and I thought it’d be interesting to go for a traditional experience, and attending a tea ceremony was the first that came to mind! Upon researching, there are many places in Kyoto that hold tea ceremonies, but Chashitsu Ju-an…

12 July 2016
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Our 2-Day Kyoto Itinerary

My sister was visiting last December and we wanted to go Osaka for USJ, because, Hogwarts!!! (see here for my previous trip to USJ with the hubs) Although it was a short trip, I thought that since we were traveling all the way there, I tried…

1 February 2016
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Where to Rent Kimonos in Kyoto

Last month, I posted our Kyoto Photobook where we strolled around Kyoto in kimonos, and for this week’s Friday Five, I will share with you where to rent kimonos in Kyoto! I will review the place we rented from, as well as provide several alternatives…

8 May 2015
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Strolling Around Kyoto in Kimono

This will be a photobook-like post of us strolling around Kyoto in Kimono ♪ This is my 3rd time to Kyoto, but my first time renting (and wearing!) a Kimono and it was really quite fun! Even Fu thinks so! Photobook means it will…

23 April 2015