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Ojipan x Pomu no Ki Omurice Theme Restaurant

I enjoy the omurice (omelette rice) from Pomu no ki ポムの樹 and when Zhen was over, we decided to visit the branch at Harajuku because she loves omurice too. We were surprised to find that the entire store was refashioned in a collaboration with a…

27 January 2016
Theme restaurant

Ninja Akasaka Restaurant

Our recent overseas visitors requested a visit to a theme restaurant and we decided on Ninja Akasaka, a ninja-themed restaurant located in Akasaka, Tokyo. Unlike all the other theme restaurants I visited previously, Ninja Akasaka was a fine dining establishment, and this is reflected in both…

9 July 2015

J.S. Pancake Cafe

On our neighbourhood exploration of Jiyugaoka, we randomly came across this cafe and the menu and cafe was so good looking it convinced us to stop there for tea. For those who are new to Journal Standard, J.S. is a Japanese brand that focuses on casual wear…

12 June 2015
Theme restaurant

Alice in Dancing Land Restaurant – Shibuya, Tokyo

Alice in Dancing Land is a theme restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo, inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I previously visited a similar restaurant, Alice in Labyrinth located in Ginza, Tokyo, and produced by the same chain, which you can read about here. As I brought Zhen to…

18 July 2014

Slappy Cakes – All-day breakfast in Tokyo

I LOVE breakfasts. Scrambled eggs, french toast, poached eggs, orange juice, soft-boiled eggs, buttermilk pancakes drizzled with maple syrup, fresh cup of milk with cereal and fruits, mmm! I just don’t like to wake up in the mornings to eat it. In the first place,…

31 January 2014
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One Year Anniversary!

We just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary over the weekend! Time flies! Before we know it, we’ll be celebrating our silver… gold… diamond (?!!) anniversary! Actually, I don’t think we will celebrate diamond, or even gold actually. I cannot imagine living till so old!…

28 September 2013