DIY Life in Japan

Six weeks later

16 October 2016

In the 6 weeks (eeps!) that I was missing from the blog, lots have happened!

We moved house, there was Silver Week, our wedding anniversary, and Milk Tea’s one year anniversary with us! But we went absolutely NO WHERE for all those days because of typhoon weather. Thanks ah. For raining every. single. time. I was thinking of planning a trip.

“Hmm, maybe we can go tomorrow. Let me check the weather…”



This week’s Silver Week was really disappointing, so read about last year’s here!

So Fu said we should roll with the weather. If it wants us to stay indoors, stay indoors we shall! And so we bought:

PS4 for our 4th anniversary; rather apt, no? Haha.

Surprisingly, Fu is playing more than me because I’m waiting for the FF15 release in November! There are only 2 reasons why I wanted a PS4: FF15 and… THE FF7 REMAKE!!!!!!!!! The trailer looks dead awesome. AHHHH I hope Square Enix releases it soon!!!

So for me me, I was busy with a new hobby… DIY-ing!

As you can see from the title, it’s to slowly make the house into a home!

In the previous houses, I did minimal decorating, because I thought that it’s just a rental flat, and

  1. I can’t change it much (have to return the house in the same condition or else we’ll be charged)
  2. We will move out soon anyway so don’t waste effort, time and money

This house is also a rental place, but I decided we shouldn’t live like that anymore hahaha. A beautiful home does improve the mood, don’t you agree? Plus, I discovered ways to mod a rental flat! Mwehehehe.

This house is my favorite of our history of 7 houses so I want to make it really nice!

— —


My first project was a relatively simple one. We had two cabinets side-by-side but they are of different heights and widths. In the past I just closed two eyes but NO MORE lol.

I wanted to make them the same height and width, but Fu was extremely doubtful. “Are there stress tests to ensure the wood can support the weight? What if collapses? And kills Milk Tea?!!” Super drama, this one. He was not supportive at all and it was a bit sian. But I insisted. I will not let him kill my DIY dreams!

I over-added the number of screws needed for the support because he was so paranoid. And when Fu saw it, he finally accepted that it’s ok. He also didn’t stop me from embarking of other projects :) I’m so glad I insisted.

— —


I wanted a permanent space where I could place my A1-sized cutting mat to easily cut stuff. It’s really dangerous to do it on the floor because Milk Tea will sneak off with bits and pieces. I once found her playing with pins and I swear my heart nearly stopped.

I took some shelves I had around the house and put them together.

The top doubles as an ironing board! I made it from scratch:

3 layers of cloth and a ton of staples

3 layers of cloth and a ton of staples

I also made a door for one of the shelves to cover up the horrible pink. Whatever possessed me to buy this color?!

Probably might mod it further (eg. the different tones of white kinda bother me) but for now, I’m happy!

— —


In Japan, most people use コンロ (konro):

which would have fit perfectly into the space. But I don’t like open flames and opted for induction hot plate (called IH in Japan) instead.

The ‘before’ stove support is from 2 houses ago and is a freaking eyesore. I ignored it for 1.5 years in the previous house but now that we are at this house, I decided this ghastliness has to go.

I really like the new one! :D

— —


Need a keyboard tray? Build it.

— —

In case you’re wondering, I built everything myself. Me, myself, and I. Some friends thought that I design and Fu builds, but he has absolutely zero interest lol. He occasionally helps me carry the wood pieces back from the store but otherwise it’s all me.

 I still have a ton of other things I want to do, so there will be more to come in future!

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