Life in Japan

Two weeks

2 September 2016

In two weeks… two weeks… and my dream will come true.

I’ve been waiting for almost a year for it.

We are finally…


Yes, again. This is house #7 in Japan hahahaha.

This time is probably the ultimate – moving within the same building LOL.

But omg I’m MAD EXCITED about this move. More than 50% increase in space!!!

Ever since MT came home with us, it started feeling like our place was a little crammed.

Oh who am I kidding. I already thought this place was too small before we moved here, but we moved here anyway because it’s a rare pet-friendly apartment (most places don’t allow you to keep pets) in an area we liked.

Plus, ever since I fell into sewing, I felt the lack of space even more sharply. I had no space to put the sewing machine. No space to cut. No space to anything.

I bump into the sofa/door/cupboard corners/Fu’s table when I’m walking around because it’s so narrow. Fu? He doesn’t bump into anything. Because he doesn’t move. He just plops himself on his throne (the sofa) and commands for stuff to be brought to him. If body parts could be detached, he would absolutely ask me to brush his teeth, wash his hands, and go to the toilet for him.

But anyway yessssss, TWO WEEKS.

The guy from the moving company came by to take count of our furniture to give a price quote.

In Japan, they count in multiples of 5 using the 正 way, rather than the |||| way. Which way do you count? I think I switch between the two…

Here are the results of our bargaining:

Not too shabby, I think… we still have to let people earn some money!

This is our 3rd time with him and I think he’s not even surprised by our antics anymore.

1st time: Move from A to B
2nd time: Move from B to A
3rd time: Move from A to A


Well, I guess this ascertains the fact that we really do like area A a lot!

He also dropped off the materials for packing!

Time for packing!

You will not believe how excited I am. Ever since we signed the apartment contract (and even before that actually, heh), I’ve been pouring over home interior blogs, walking around the house with a measuring tape, mumbling to myself, consulting the floor plan, mumbling some more, and trying to decide how to style the new place. I’ve had throbbing headaches from all the thinking (I plan everything out and place furniture, etc in my head rather than drawing or writing it down).

Obsessive? Maybe just sliiiightly.

Ahhh, it’s going to be amazing!


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