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Happy bottoms

5 January 2017

If you’ve been to Japan, you’d have experienced the bliss that is the washlet. A warm, welcoming toilet seat during the frigid cold winter… clean buttocks after every use…

Fu has been wanting to get one since the first time he sat on one but in our minds it’s like $400-500 MINIMUM so we kept putting it off.

With his latest bonus in December, he decided he would finally get it as a reward for himself.

So I went toilet seat shopping, and found that…

IT’S ONLY $100+ lolol. Wait so long dunno for what.

Bought it off Amazon and we installed it yesterday! The big electrical stores charge more + still have the cheek to charge 6,000 yen ($60) for installation WTH. I thought it’d be very complicated to install but in the end it was so simple!

I even did a pictorial tutorial!

Step 1: Turn off water supply + empty tank

Even if we didn’t do anything right, we HAD TO get this right. Otherwise we would flood the floors and toilet floors in Japan aren’t built to be waterproof. We didn’t buy insurance so we checked this and flushed about 4820873 times haha.

Step 2a: Bid goodbye to old seat

Milk Tea presides over this sacred ceremony of removing the old seat

Step 2b: Clean toilet bowl

Not pictured, but IT’S A MUST!

Step 3: Screw in bracket that came with seat

Step 4a: Retrieve star of the day

Step 4b: Take an OOTD with it

Because how often do you get to pose with a brand new toilet seat? And one with a washlet at that?!

Step 5: Slide seat into bracket

Again, Milk Tea takes it upon herself to be present at all the key moments

Step 6: Attach 2 pipes

Step 7: Forcefully stuff earth wires into socket

“Japan so stupid, I hate to do this earth thing”, I overheard someone grumbling

Step 8: COMPLETE!!!

Extra step 1: Flush and pray none of the connections explode with water

Extra step 2: Assuming there’s no water fountain show from extra step 1, sit down and enjoy :D

I didn’t really think I needed a washlet before, but now that I have it, when I sit down to a warm seat, I just smile like a mad person. This is certainly happiness that can be purchased with money HAHAHA.

— —

おまけ (extra)

My role in this installation process? The ever-important supervisor! And also to document this momentous change in our posteriors’ lives forevermore.

Because Fu would rather scrub 100 toilet bowls than read so much Japanese


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