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2.5 Days in Kumamoto

After Fukuoka and Nagasaki, the final stop on our Kyushu trip was Kumamoto. Our trip to Kumamoto was one of extremities. We had the most indulgent, luxurious ryokan stay, where we basically just alternated between eating and soaking in onsens; we took 5 baths in less…

3 April 2016
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24 Hours in Fukuoka

I’ve always wanted to visit Fukuoka (ok fine, I say that for almost every place in Japan) and glad to have finally visited it on our recent Kyushu trip! (yes yes, also something I say that all the time, but it’s true!) As the title…

27 February 2016
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Our 2-Day Kyoto Itinerary

My sister was visiting last December and we wanted to go Osaka for USJ, because, Hogwarts!!! (see here for my previous trip to USJ with the hubs) Although it was a short trip, I thought that since we were traveling all the way there, I tried…

1 February 2016
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Nagoya Itinerary

As part of the recent birthday trip to Kansai, we stopped by Nagoya and spent a day there. It was my first time there and I was quite excited about visiting! Fun fact: Aichi prefecture (which Nagoya is in) used to be called Owari, which is…

10 April 2015

4-day Itinerary in Ontario, Canada

I’ve been looking forward to going to Canada for a long time and finally managed to visit earlier this month! Back story: About 6-7 years ago, Fu went to Canada all by himself (granted, it was for a conference, but still), came back and…

14 October 2014
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Hokkaido in Summer

We just returned from a short trip to Hokkaido yesterday! I’ve been to Hokkaido 3 times previously, but it’s my first time visiting Hokkaido in summer! Previously it was always winter, winter, winter. Admittedly, Hokkaido is beautiful in winter, but I’ve always wanted to see…

26 July 2014

Seoul 2014 Itinerary – Super free & easy

A brief itinerary of our recent 10-day Korea trip. We spent all 9 nights in Seoul alone, because we are the relax-and-take-our-time-exploring-one-area type of tourist ;D So yes, no Jeju, no Busan, no anywhere else but Seoul! (the shock, the horror! All 10 days…

7 April 2014