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Flying with Peach

There are various ways to travel from Tokyo to Osaka. In the past, I’ve taken an overnight bus, driven there, and gone there via shinkansen on the JR pass (back when I was a tourist). But on my most recent trip to Kansai with my sister, I…

17 February 2016
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Guide: Buy USJ Tickets Online

I just visited Universal Studios Japan in Osaka (yes, again) with my sister a couple of weeks back, and as before, I bought the studio passes ahead of time. I always feel sad for the people I see queuing at the park to buy…

11 January 2016

Inside a Love Hotel

If there is any time I’d talk about sex toys, racy bedroom costumes, porn, hotels and secrecy… this is it. All in this single post. I have always been curious about love hotels in Japan so I decided we should stay at one on our trip…

24 July 2015

Osaka Castle 大阪城

Even though we have been to Osaka several times, we have never visited Osaka Castle because Fu always says things like “What’s there to see? It’s just a building.” JUST. A. BUILDING… But this time I absolutely wanted to visit Osaka Castle, so don’t…

25 April 2015

Hogwarts Express and Hogwarts Castle in Osaka

Harry Potter world opening in Universal Studios Japan!!! AHHHHH!!! Came across these today and I’m getting hyped up all over again! Photos will do all the talking, since I’m too giddy with excitement to be coherent. It’s rumoured to open in Summer 2014. THAT’S…

10 January 2014