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5 Ways to Enjoy Sakura in Tokyo

Sakura season is finally here! The cherry blossoms started blooming in Tokyo on March 21, and expected to peak about a week later. I write about sakura every year, but really, how can I resist? They’re so gorgeous! And the fact that they’re around for…

25 March 2016
Outdoor / Nature

Night Cherry Blossoms Viewing – Part 2

(well, we didn’t go at midnight, but it seems more mysterious and completes the feel of the picture… ;) On the same day after Part 1 here, we headed to Chidorigafuchi for more cherry blossoms viewing! This was the first time that I was…

21 April 2013
Outdoor / Nature

Cherry Blossom Viewing 2013 – Part I

One of the best things about Spring in Japan is the Hanami (lit. flower viewing) period! Hanami almost always refers to viewing sakura (cherry blossoms), although there are plum blossoms and other flowers to see too. The cherry blossoms last for only about 2…

4 April 2013
Life in Japan


How do I know? Because! so warm the tulips are starting to open and wither   I went through an entire day without wearing thermals! Even when I went out! This is a big deal because thermals to me are like underwear to most…

10 March 2013
Outdoor / Nature

Sakura Season 2013

Are you planning on catching the cherry blossoms in Japan this year? Then the forecast that the weather stations recently released would come in handy! Below are the estimated dates for the start of the cherry blossom season of different areas.   Specifically for…

7 March 2013