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5 Ways to Enjoy Sakura in Tokyo

Sakura season is finally here! The cherry blossoms started blooming in Tokyo on March 21, and expected to peak about a week later. I write about sakura every year, but really, how can I resist? They’re so gorgeous! And the fact that they’re around for…

25 March 2016
Life in Japan

Serendipity: Sakura in Shizuoka

We visited Shizuoka in early April for strawberry-picking, and as we were driving off, we spotted a lovely stretch of sakura trees. Naturally, we got out of the car and rushed towards it! More accurately, three of us did. Fu had to find a place to…

15 May 2015
Outdoor / Nature

Yoyogi Park 代々木公園

Yoyogi Park is a big park near Harajuku Station in Tokyo. There are no admission fees and the park generally emanates a vibrant energy, with people engaged in all sorts of activities in the park. Off the top of my head, I recall seeing people playing badminton,…

6 May 2015
Outdoor / Nature

Meguro River 目黒川

Meguro River, or Meguro-gawa is a famous place in Tokyo for viewing cherry blossoms, but I have only ever seen photos of it. I decided to rectify it this year by starting off the sakura season here! More than 800 sakura trees line both sides…

4 May 2015
Life in Japan Outdoor / Nature

Sakura ❀ Cherry Blossoms 2015

Although the sakura season has long past, its beauty still lives on in the photos I captured! I thought I’d better fasterly blog it before it gets backlogged till the next sakura season lol. (yes, there are posts that I meant to write that are more…

3 May 2015
Outdoor / Nature

Night Cherry Blossoms Viewing – Part 2

(well, we didn’t go at midnight, but it seems more mysterious and completes the feel of the picture… ;) On the same day after Part 1 here, we headed to Chidorigafuchi for more cherry blossoms viewing! This was the first time that I was…

21 April 2013